About IPSA

The Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) was formed in 1989 by a group of seed producers who recognized the need for an organization to represent the unique needs of independent seed companies. Six seedsmen funded a mailing to identify interest in forming an association dedicated to promoting the interests and capabilities of family-owned companies. In 1989, a founder’s meeting was held with 80 charter members.

The Association addresses research and biotechnology issues and increases the media presence of the industry in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business climate.

Now & the Future

Today, IPSA represents nearly 100 seed companies from more than 25 states, Canada and Mexico, who produce corn, soybeans, small grain and forage seeds. The Association also has over 100 associate and affiliate members, representing all facets of the seed industry.

IPSA remains committed to those independent seed companies who are members of the Association, as well as those companies we consider to be our “future members.” The future remains bright and independent seed companies are optimistic about their success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. IPSA will work hard to represent these companies as their businesses grow and prosper.

IPSA has raised cooperative funding for applied research – leading to enhanced product information for its members. To date IPSA has funded over $1,500,000 in private and public research projects.

In 1995, a Business Development Committee was established to involve and exchange ideas with IPSA’s Associate Members, by enhancing communications, education, and information exchange abilities with those who provide valuable services and production to the seed industry.

IPSA is a member of the American Seed Trade Association, the Canadian Seed Trade Association, and various state and regional seed associations to exchange information and develop relationships with seed producers throughout the world.

Organizational Benefits


IPSA’s annual meeting takes place each January. The three-day meeting includes the IPSA Business Meeting, business management seminars, concurrent educational workshops and summaries of IPSA member-funded research projects. IPSA 32nd Annual Conference  will take place in Tuscon, AZ on January 18-21, 2021


IPSA’s research program has evolved during the past 20 years. Initially, Members subscribed to research projects from a list of several programs conducted each year. Projects have studied seed treatment efficacy, hybrid and inbred interaction with herbicides, disease screening and more

Today, IPSA’s research program evaluates seed treatment and other seed enhancements, with research locations on member and third-party sites throughout the country. All regular members receive project results each year.


IPSA works with its members to enhance professionalism in the seed industry. Each year, IPSA sponsors seminars on business topics, such as employee/customer relationships, marketing, leadership, communications, employee motivation and succession planning. IPSA members have enthusiastically supported these seminars in field days throughout the year, and during the Annual Conference. 


IPSA also proactively seeks and develops programs that provide direct benefits to its members. Projects range from group buying programs for widely-used products, to services that meet the needs of regional, independent seed businesses.


IPSA’s nine-member Board of Directors guides the policies and activities of IPSA. Board members play active roles with “hands-on” duties within the various committees. An individual may hold office for two consecutive three-year terms on the board.

Members of IPSA’s three committees, the Education Committee, the Member Services Committee and the Business Development Committee, actively participate in the work of their committee, providing thoughtful input to committee deliberations, and focusing on the best interests of the association and committee goals.

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