GDM Brings Breakthrough Technology Tools To Licensees

GDM Brings Breakthrough Technology Tools To Licensees

GDM is a global soybean genetics powerhouse that owns over 25% of the worlds’ soy germplasm. With over 36 years in the soybean breeding industry, GDM continues its quest for not only developing the highest yielding soybean genetics but also providing licensees innovative tools that help streamline their selection process. 

GDM Explore Plots

Charlie Simmons, GDM Licensing leader explains: “GDM Explore Plots are large strip trials placed in low to high yield environments where we compare commercial and experimental varieties against the best checks in the market. Each Explore plot contains hundreds of soybean varieties that are each labeled with a QR code. We have over 50 large Explore Plots spread across the U.S. that are open for our licensees to visit!” 

GDM Explore App 

GDM is excited to launch the GDM Explore App – a simple platform that provides licensees a more efficient way to schedule visits, evaluate varieties, and take notes.

Matt Lassiter with Meherrin Ag agrees, sharing: “GDM Explore is a user-friendly app that makes walking plots and taking notes simple and easy.  The ability to take pictures and attach notes is very helpful, and it eliminates the requirement for a pen, paper and clipboard in the field.  Having access right at your fingertips on your phone or iPad helps make it a best in class technology.” 

Jeff Pangle with Winfield United shared his experience: “The GDM Explore App is outstanding.  The GDM crew continues to expand and include new and innovative features.  This is the future for plot review and evaluation”.

GDM Explore App Key features: 

  • Licensees can visit GDM Explore plots independently – this not only gives licensees more freedom to schedule visits on their own time, but also increases social distancing – something GDM takes seriously. 
  • Streamlining the notetaking process – one can “favorite” and rate varieties, take notes on one platform (never lose those notes again!), and even pictures. 
  • Bean Blog – our product placement and commercial teams share what is happening in each Explore plot daily so licensees can stay updated and schedule visits to locations that are relevant to you.   

You can download the Explore App by scanning the QR code below! If you are interested to learn more about GDM Licensing, contact Charlie Simmons or Gene Moore.

Charlie Simmons: (870) 559-9413 

Gene Moore: (217) 898-4910 

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